Digital Marketing Course

A cutting-edge digital marketing and communication course, providing industry relevant certifications, real life experience through Stukent’s Mimic Pro simulation, and applied theory. 

Course Description

Introduces a paradigm of dynamically and directly interacting with customers through digital means by providing a framework and tools for managing and analyzing an organization’s virtual presence for marketing purposes. Applies concepts of digital marketing in practice through applicable projects and assignments. Students are given the opportunity to experience and analyze the effects of creating, promoting, and adapting an online identity for a marketing, entrepreneurial or digital media organization.

Prerequisites: MKT 130 Principles of Marketing

Learning Outcomes

  1. Describe internet marketing as a critical component of the new marketing mix.​ 
  2. Understand the essential components of Internet marketing, including websites, SEO, social media, PPC advertising, email marketing and more.​
  3. An in-depth understanding of the processes and planning involved in the creation of blogs, content creation, effective online advertising and marketing campaigns.​

Classroom Environment

Students enrolled at Oral Roberts University courses have the right to learn in an environment where all individuals are treated equitably and with respect. Behaviors in class that interfere with the learning experience are not permitted. Disruptive or disrespectful behaviors may result in dismissal from the class by the instructor. Specifically, it is expected that students show respect for the class by not using cell phones during class and by not packing up until after the instructor has indicated the class is over. In addition, students may take notes by laptop, tablet or phone.

Student Testimonials

I greatly enjoyed Professor Weinkauf's Digital Marketing class because it provided me with the opportunity for hands-on learning. Through the engagement required in her class, I built marketable skills that I will be able to immediately apply to my career. Also, Professor Weinkauf does a phenomenal job in staying current on digital marketing trends and strategies. She explained how search engine optimization and keyword research works, and through the Stukent simulation, we were immediately able to apply what we learned.
Danielle Noordman
Marketing Major
Professor Weinkauf’s Digital Marketing course is easily my favorite class I have taken at ORU so far. It is so practical, and she teaches really important skills that we will need in our careers as Marketers. The simulation is the best part of the class because I am able to learn what works when marketing via email and search engine ads. My favorite part of the class is creating out own websites. I enjoy having the creative freedom to make it what we want but also learn the basics of running a website and gaining an audience.
Carly Spain
Marketing Major, French Minor
This course has been instrumental in my life beyond the classroom. I have learned so much and gained so many new skills that it has set me up for multiple internship offers and I now work as a digital marketing and social media freelance consultant for a couple of companies, including an international start-up. The hands-on application and the opportunity to access and utilize the same technology used in the industry was a huge advantage. Professor Weinkauf’s is sets all her students up for great success.​
Rebekah Roberts
MBA. Marketing Concentration