Industry Partners

The success of this Digital Marketing course is founded upon the collaboration with excellent experts in industry. 

Nozak Consulting

A leading digital marketing agency in Tulsa, Oklahoma is known for SEO, website development, branding, social media marketing, email marketing, and content marketing services. The Nozak Consulting team created the website platform for students to create their very own websites to gain hands-on experience. Why? So they can get a job after graduation.

The team is also available at any time to advise students and handle all technological issues. We are thankful for their support!


Stukent provides cutting-edge simulations and courseware to help educators help students help the world. First-in-the-word simulations let students apply theory and get hands-on experience in the market. Engaging content that’s updated every year, so it’s always current.

Plus, each book is packed with teaching resources to save instructors hours of prep time. Industry experts share their knowledge and give students a look behind the professional curtain.


Gitwit partners with growth-focused brands to create groundbreaking products and eyebrow-raising campaigns. Simply put: Gitwit moves fast to change reality.

Our partners at Gitwit ensure what we do in the classroom exceeds industry expectations and prepares students to thrive.